Whitkirk Arts Guild

List of People

Name First Show Latest Show
? Wright Goody Two Shoes (1953)
Christopher Wright Robin Hood And Babes In The Wood (1985)
Jean Wright Goody Two Shoes (1953) The Sleeping Beauty (1958)
Marilyn Wright Mother Goose (1963) Puss In Boots (1967)
Mary Wright The Wizard Of Oz (1979)
Diane Wunderley Mother Goose (1963) The Wizard Of Oz (1972)
Joan Wunderley Mother Goose (1963)
Helen Wyatt Pinocchio (2000) Fiddler On The Roof (2001)
Rita Young Aladdin (1959) Mother Goose (1963)
Anne Youngman Toad Of Toad Hall (1972)
Tina Youngman Toad Of Toad Hall (1972)