Our COVID-19 Safety Measures

At Whitkirk Arts Guild we take the health and wellbeing of everybody involved in our productions seriously. Between the first and second periods of national lockdown we were able to get together to record a few pieces for our WAGvent calendar, and we were careful to make sure this was done in a fully COVID-secure way in line with all the relevant legislation and guidance. Before our rehearsals we carried out a thorough risk assessment, and put in place a set of measures to limit any risks of infection or transmission as much as possible. Here's what we did:

  • Rehearsals were strictly limited to necessary members of the cast and production team.
  • Members were forbidden from attending rehearsals if they showed any symptoms of COVID-19, even if only mild.
  • Arrival and leaving times were staggered to eliminate crowding.
  • Everyone's temperature was checked on arrival.
  • Everyone entering the building sanitised their hands thoroughly.
  • Details for Test and Trace were taken from everybody present, at every rehearsal.
  • Masks were worn at all times except when actively taking part in a recording.
  • Physical distancing was followed by every household bubble, with additional distance between different parts and sessions during recordings.

During the second period of national lockdown we recorded parts for our Out Of Place series of videos. All of these parts were recorded either alone or in household groups or bubbles, with small group rehearsals taking place outdoors after the 29th of March whilst strictly following the 'rule of six' and physical distancing requirements.

As we leave the second lockdown and restrictions are gradually lifted we are keeping a close eye on the relevant legislation and guidance, and will continue to follow and where necessary revise our procedures for staying COVID-secure and keeping our members safe.

We hope to be back to normal, rehearsing with all our members and welcoming audiences as soon as possible.