Humpty Dumpty

Monday 1 to Saturday 6 December 2003

Type of show Pantomime
Concession £3.00
Full Price £4.50
Poster for Humpty Dumpty

The cast

Name Role
Abigail Pattison Villager
Aimee Kelvin Villager
Alan Walton King Egbert The Unready
Anna West Prince Michael Of Mayonnaise
Beryl Stobbart Villager
Charlotte Jackson Villager
Claire Smith Villager
Debi Greaves Mrs Mistletoe
Gail Jackson Beetlebrow Dragfoot
Hannah Jackson Villager
Jamie Mcinnis Corporal Eggwhite
Jason Robinson Villager
Katie Smith Princess Shellana
Laura Blackburn Villager
Lauren Cowie Villager
Liz Hitchings Belladonna Henbane
Matthew Deane Jack Frost
Michael Walsh Olive Omlette
Micheal Wilkinson Nicky No Bath
Paul Chadwick Sergeant Eggyolk
Sarah Clarke Villager
Sheila Jameson Villager
Steven Barnes Villager
Sue Newsome Humpty Dumpty

The crew

Name Role
Andrew Thomson Stage Manager
David Battersby Lighting & Sound
David Bigland Stage Crew
Fiona Brown Ticket Sales
Jane Gulliver Prompt
Janette Bell Stage Crew
Jenny Reynolds Accompanist
Lynne Bigland Stage Crew
Mark Songhurst Stage Crew
Melanie Moody Lighting & Sound
Michael Midgley Stage Crew
Mike Jackson Lighting & Sound
Paul Chadwick Musical Director
Sean Robinson Prompt
Stephen Sefton Producer
Tim Bigland Stage Crew
Tony Bond Prompt
Tricia Thomson Stage Crew