Whitkirk Arts Guild

Mother Goose


Type of Performance Pantomime
Ticket Price (Full Price) 2/-
Ticket Price (Concession) 1/-


Name Role
Trevor Ayre Lock
Jean Benton Dancer
Jennifer Benton Child
Beryl Boag Villager
Carole Brewster Child
Dorothy Brewster Dancer
Rowena Cluness Dancer
Sheena Cluness Child
Edith Conder Dancer
Gillian Conder Child
Doris Cook Villager
Ernest Cook Stock
Peggy Cordock Fairy Discord
Diane Cryer Dancer
Dolly Danks Monica
Janet Dickinson Gretchen
Susan Dyer Child
Helen Fanthorpe Child
Hilary Fanthorpe Child
Patricia Furniss Dancer
Patricia Furniss Prince Gander
Janet Gaunt Chamberlain
Janet Gaunt Villager
Donald Jackson Mother Goose
Susan Jackson Villager
Flora Jones Villager
Jean Jones Jack
Norman Jones Squire Mandrake
Susan Jones Villager
Denise Latto Child
Olive Mann Villager
Joy Marlton Major Domo
Joy Marlton Villager
Diane Matley Child
Elaine Matley Child
Janet Mosby Dancer
Lindsey Mosby Child
Pat Smith Dancer
Hilary Spencer Child
Joe Stead Demon Discord
Helen Stephenson Colin
Jane Stephenson Dancer
Christine Stockley Dancer
Cynthia Storr Villager
Katherine Sunderland Villager
Fiona Thompson Child
Jean Thompson Dancer
Kay Webster Jill
Penny Webster Fairy Ballet
Jane White Dancer
Marilyn Wright Child
Diane Wunderley Child
Joan Wunderley Villager
Rita Young Dancer


Name Role
Trevor Baldwin Lighting/effects
Nancy Capewell Choreographer
Nancy Capewell Make-up
Cyril Dickinson Front Of House
Eileen Dickinson Bookings
Marjorie Fanthorpe Producer
Betty Foster Prompter
Leslie Foster Stage Assistant
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Richard Mann Stage Director
Lilian Marlton Costume/wardrobe
Lewis Roberts Piano/orchestra
Evelyn Stead Make-up
Joe Stead Make-up
Peter Stephenson Publicity
Cynthia Storr Costume/wardrobe
Margaret Sunderland Piano/orchestra
David Temple Stage Manager
Mike Thompson Miss Danks Costumier