Old King Cole

Wednesday 24 to Saturday 27 January 1962

The cast

Name Role
Ann Jackson Soldier/child
Barbara Swift Courtier/dancer
Betty Barnett Courtier/dancer
Carole Brewster Soldier/child
Caroline White Soldier/child
Christine Archer Soldier/child
Cyril Dickinson Albert
Diane Matley Soldier/child
Dolly Danks The Demon Of Discord
Donald Jackson Professor Plonk
Doris Cook Queen Coke
Dorothy Brewster Courtier/dancer
Edith Conder Courtier/dancer
Ernest Cook Pinky
Gillian Plowright Courtier/dancer
Hilary Fanthorpe Soldier/child
Jacquelene Moore Courtier/dancer
James Shields King Cole
Janet Lowther Soldier/child
Janet Mosby Courtier/dancer
Janet Tucker Courtier/dancer
Jean Benton Courtier/dancer
Jennifer Benton Soldier/child
Joy Marlton Lady In Waiting
Joyce Crossland Courtier/dancer
Judith Atkinson Soldier/child
Kay Elvidge Pizzicato
Laurence Lightwood Perky
Lindsey Mosby Soldier/child
Margot Franks Allegro
Pat Hodge Dylia
Pat Smith Fairy Fantasia
Patricia Furniss Dick
Peggy Cordock Princess Viola
Penny Jones Crescendo
Rita Young Desmond
Ruth Paxton Courtier/dancer
Sally Lowther Soldier/child
Stanley Bateman Princess Sonatina
Susan Moore Courtier/dancer
Susan Rowley Soldier/child

The crew

Name Role
Betty Foster Prompter
David Temple Lighting/effects
Eileen Dickinson Bookings
Evelyn Stead Costume/wardrobe
Greta Furniss Lighting/effects
Joe Stead Producer
John Boag Assistant Stage Manager
Lewis Roberts Piano/orchestra
Peter Stephenson Drummer
Richard Mann Stage Manager
Terry Foster Lighting/effects