Old Time Music Hall

Wednesday 10 to Saturday 13 June 1964

Type of show Revue

The cast

Name Role
Alan Wilcox Mens Chorus
Beryl Boag Ladies Chorus
Cynthia Storr Ladies Chorus
David Temple Mens Chorus
Donald Jackson Master of Ceremonies
Doris Cook Ladies Chorus
Dorothy Brewster Ladies Chorus
Edith Conder Ladies Chorus
Ernest Brown Guest Artiste
Ernest Cook Mens Chorus
Helen Fairburn Ladies Chorus
Jean Jones Ladies Chorus
Jean Thompson Ladies Chorus
Joe Stead Mens Chorus
Joy Marlton Ladies Chorus
Kenneth Hill Guest Artiste
Leslie Foster Mens Chorus
Margaret Burton Ladies Chorus
Marjorie Fanthorpe Ladies Chorus
Mary Masey Ladies Chorus
Muriel Haywood Ladies Chorus
Norman Burton Mens Chorus
Norman Jones Mens Chorus
Olive Mann Solo Artiste
Pamela Pennock Ladies Chorus
Pamela Wilcox Ladies Chorus
Pat Pentith Ladies Chorus
Pat Smith Ladies Chorus
Robert Sinclair Guest Artiste
Terry Foster Mens Chorus

The crew

Name Role
Beryl Boag Producer
Lewis Roberts Piano/orchestra
Lilian Marlton Costume/wardrobe
Margaret Sunderland Piano/orchestra
Marjorie Fanthorpe Bookings
Front Of House
Norman Jones Publicity
Richard Mann Stage Director
Ronald Marlton Stage Assistant
Trevor Baldwin Lighting/effects