Wednesday 5 to Saturday 8 December 2018

Join us for our annual family pantomime! There's a prince, a princess, goodies and baddies, cheering and booing... and lots and lots of hair.

Type of show Pantomime
Full Price £8.00
Concession £6.50
Poster for Rapunzel

The cast

Name Role
Ann-Marie Mallinson Pierrot Macie
Charlotte Blundell Fairy Flora
Charlotte Jackson Gothel the Witch
Claire Williamson Bob
Gail Jackson Pierrot Lacie
Heather McDermott Curly
Helen Thomson Pierrot Gracie
Josh Knight Pierrot
Kate Bentley King Geoffrey
Keeley Row Pierrot
Keith Speight Dame Beatrix Bouffant
Laura Wilkinson Rapunzel
Louise Norbury-Robinson Prince Fredrick
Matthew Jackson Frankie
Nick Jackson Captain of the Guard
Sean Robinson Pierrot
Sheila Jameson Queen Gertrude

The crew

Name Role
Adam Moore Lighting & Sound
Andrew Thomson Stage Manager
Charlotte Jackson Choreography
Claire Jackson Costumes
Claire Williamson Choreography
Helen Thomson Dance Captain
Stage Crew, Scenery & Props
Ian Thomson Lighting & Sound
Keith Speight Stage Crew, Scenery & Props
Laura Wilkinson Costumes
Louise Norbury-Robinson Musical Director
Lynne Bigland Bookings
Stage Crew, Scenery & Props
Nick Jackson Publicity
Penelope Carroll Director
Sean Robinson Stage Crew, Scenery & Props
Tim Bigland Stage Crew, Scenery & Props
Tricia Thomson Stage Crew, Scenery & Props