Whitkirk Arts Guild

Sinbad The Sailor


Type of Performance Pantomime


Name Role
Christine Archer Sea Creature
Betty Barnett Dancer
Jean Benton Dancer
Jennifer Benton Sea Creature
Valerie Boocock Queen Coral
Dorothy Brewster Dancer
Edith Conder Dancer
Susan Conder Dancer
Doris Cook Fatima
Dolly Danks Old Man Of The Sea
Helen Fairburn Doorkeeper
Leslie Foster Indian Chief
Leslie Foster Sindbad The Porter
Patricia Furniss Mustapha
Walter Harrison Half An Elephant
Walter Harrison Pushem
Ann Hayes Sea Creature
Donald Jackson Ali Snoop
Jean Jones Sindbad The Sailor
Laurence Lightwood Ali Poop
Janet Lowther Tai-lu
Jean Maddock Farida
Joy Marlton Dancer
Janet Mosby Dancer
Lindsey Mosby Sea Creature
Heather Musgrave Dancer
Ruth Paxton Dancer
Pat Pentith Queen Salutie
Noel Peyton-Lister Half An Elephant
Noel Peyton-Lister Shovem
Gillian Plowright Dancer
Helen Stephenson Prince Hassim
Jane Stephenson Sea Creature
Cynthia Storr Toola
Elizabeth Towse Sea Creature
Carol Vosper Sea Creature
Carolyn Warren Sea Creature
Kay Webster Yasim
Rita Young Princess Silvermoon


Name Role
Nancy Capewell Choreographer
B. De Boer Piano/orchestra
Eileen Dickinson Front Of House
Betty Foster Prompter
Leslie Foster Stage Director
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Richard Mann Stage Manager
Lilian Marlton Costume/wardrobe
Stuart Mills Drummer
Evelyn Stead Costume/wardrobe
David Temple Lighting/effects