Whitkirk Arts Guild

The Gay Twenties


Type of Performance Revue


Name Role
Ann Akred Ladies Chorus
Arthur Askam Mens Chorus
Beryl Boag Ladies Chorus
Dorothy Brewster Ladies Chorus
Ernest Brown Mens Chorus
Kathleen Brown Ladies Chorus
Margaret Burton Ladies Chorus
Norman Burton Mens Chorus
Edith Conder Ladies Chorus
Doris Cook Ladies Chorus
Ernest Cook Mens Chorus
Joy Coulson Ladies Chorus
Ian Crampton Mens Chorus
Dolly Danks Ladies Chorus
Marjorie Fanthorpe Ladies Chorus
Leslie Foster Mens Chorus
Robert Hall Mens Chorus
Muriel Haywood Ladies Chorus
Norman Jones Mens Chorus
Jean Maddock Ladies Chorus
Roy Mallinson Mens Chorus
Olive Mann Ladies Chorus
Mary Masey Ladies Chorus
Brian Munnoch Mens Chorus
Carol Parkin Ladies Chorus
Cynthia Storr Ladies Chorus
Margaret Thomson Ladies Chorus
Gordon Towse Mens Chorus
Carol Vosper Ladies Chorus
Norman Vosper Mens Chorus
Kay Webster Ladies Chorus
Pamela Wilcox Ladies Chorus


Name Role
Beryl Boag Producer
John Boag Stage Assistant
Dorothy Brewster Choreographer
Edith Conder Choreographer
Doris Cook Finale Arranger
Marjorie Fanthorpe Choreographer
Marjorie Fanthorpe Medley Deviser
Richard Mann Stage Manager
Lilian Marlton Costume/wardrobe
Ronald Marlton Bookings
Ronald Marlton Front Of House
Mary Masey Choreographer
Bob Roberts Piano/orchestra
Evelyn Stead Costume/wardrobe
Cynthia Storr Costume/wardrobe
Margaret Sunderland Piano/orchestra
David Temple Lighting/effects
Kay Webster Choreographer