We're Doing Three

Thursday 4 to Saturday 6 July 1968

Type of show Play

The cast

Name Role
Ann Akred Eileen Duveen(p2)
Anna Parkes Madge(play 3)
Barbara Allison Italian Girl(p3)
Barbara Sergeant Rebecca Mayston(p1)
Brian Munnoch Dudley Myecroft(p2)
Cynthia Storr Stella Van Ruyden(p2
Dolly Danks Mildred(play 3)
Doris Cook Mrs Spence(p3)
Dorothy Brewster Miss Priddy(p3)
Geoffrey Power Amos Butterfield(p1)
Kathleen Brown Miss Ames(play 3)
Margaret Weaver Mrs Grace(p3)
Marjorie Fanthorpe Millicent Myecroft
Muriel Haywood Martha(play 2)
Norman Jones Sam Mayston (p.1)
Norman Vosper Albert(play 3)
Roy Mallinson Jem Mayston(p1)
Susan Jackson Janey Butterfield(p1
Suzanne Temple Effie(play 3)
Teri Backhouse Agatha(play 3)

The crew

Name Role
Barbara Jackson Props
Betty Foster Prompter
Christine Jackson Prompter
David Temple Lighting/effects
Norman Burton Producer(play 3)
Olive Mann Producer(play 2)
Richard Mann Stage Director
Robert Hall Producer(play 1)
Ronald Marlton Front Of House