You've Heard It All Before

Friday 6 to Saturday 7 September 1963

The cast

Name Role
Alan Wilcox Mens Chorus
Celia Hardy Youngster Chorus
Cynthia Storr Ladies Chorus
Donald Jackson Mens Chorus
Doris Cook Ladies Chorus
Dorothy Brewster Ladies Chorus
Edith Conder Ladies Chorus
Ernest Cook Mens Chorus
Fiona Thompson Youngster Chorus
Flora Jones Ladies Chorus
Jean Jones Ladies Chorus
Jean Thompson Ladies Chorus
Joe Stead Mens Chorus
Josephine Byrne Ladies Chorus
Kay Webster Ladies Chorus
Leslie Foster Mens Chorus
Lyn Hardy Youngster Chorus
Malcolm Wells Mens Chorus
Marie Goodwin Ladies Chorus
Marjorie Fanthorpe Ladies Chorus
Mary Masey Ladies Chorus
Muriel Haywood Ladies Chorus
Norman Jones Mens Chorus
Olive Mann Ladies Chorus
Pat Pentith Ladies Chorus
Penny Webster Youngster Chorus
Sheena Cluness Youngster Chorus
Stanley Bateman Mens Chorus
Terry Foster Mens Chorus
Valerie Wise Youngster Chorus

The crew

Name Role
Betty Foster Prompter
Margaret Sunderland Piano/orchestra
Richard Mann Stage Director
Stuart Mills Drummer
Terry Foster Lighting/effects