Whitkirk Arts Guild

List of People

Name First Show Latest Show
Ben Waddington Wyrd Sisters (1996) House Guest (1997)
Olivia Waddington Cinderella (1998) Godspell (1999)
Joe Wainman Oliver! (2003)
Anne Wainwright Humpty Dumpty (1954) Dick Whittington (1955)
Barbara Wainwright Jack And The Beanstalk (1956) Sailor Beware (1962)
Howard Wainwright Murder At The Vicarage (1953) Dick Whittington (1955)
Heather Waites The Wizard Of Oz (1972)
Ken Walker The Pirates Of Penzance (1974) Charlie Girl (1978)
Valerie Walker Charlie Girl (1978)
Lee Wallace High Society (2005) Encore! An evening with Whitkirk Arts Guild (2018)
Stella Wallace Calendar Girls (2012)
Ann Walsh Humorous Bites & Musical Delights (1995) Cinderella (1998)
Lynn Walsh The Wizard Of Oz (1972)
Michael Walsh Calamity Jane (1994) Red Riding Hood (2011)
Alan Walton Humpty Dumpty (2003)
Michael Walton Cinderella (1956)
Stewart Walton Melody Inn (1955)
Barrie Ward Calamity Jane (1975)
Eric Ward School For Spinsters (1958) Aladdin (1959)
Deborah Ware Toad Of Toad Hall (1972)
Keith Warner Fiddler On The Roof (2001)
Carolyn Warren The Babes In The Wood (1960) You've Never Had It So Good (1961)
Anne Warrington Maskerade (2000)
Hilary Waterhouse The Owl And The Pussycat (1982)
Cathie Watson Oliver! (1984) Sleeping Beauty (1996)
Claire Watson Lights! Music! Action! (1992) Sleeping Beauty (1996)
Karen Watson Sleeping Beauty (1996)
Susan Watson The Golden Goose (1991) Lights! Music! Action! (1992)
Edna Weaver Humpty Dumpty (1954) Nine Till Six (1954)
Margaret Weaver Old Time Music Hall (1966) We're Doing Three (1968)