Whitkirk Arts Guild



Type of Performance Play
Ticket Price (Full Price) £1.20
Ticket Price (Concession) £0.80


Name Role
Keith Ashby Edgar Lucas
Dorothy Brewster May Beckett
Andrew Brown Frank Broadbent
Damien Collins Stan Dyson
Andrew Haynes Lionel Fuller
Gail Jackson Christine Fuller
Gail Jackson Christine Lucas
Michael Jackson Bernard Fuller
Kevin McDonald Sgt Mjr Tommy Lodge
Susan Newsome Lilian Howes
David Stevens Arthur Broadbent
Helen Stevens Margot Fuller
Beryl Stobbart Edna Fuller
Cynthia Storr Alice Fuller
Margaret Thomson Rhoda Lucas
Jane Wilkinson Irene Howes
Marcus Wilkinson Jack Lucas


Name Role
Beryl Boag Producer
Dorothy Brewster Prompter
Jane Cox Stage Assistant
Betty Foster Bookings
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Terry Foster Publicity
Richard Mann Stage Director
Michael Midgley Lighting/effects
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
Tony Steer Stage Assistant
Cynthia Storr Prompter
Suzanne Temple Props
Alec Thomson Stage Manager
Andrew Thomson Stage Assistant
Tricia Thomson Stage Assistant