Whitkirk Arts Guild



Type of Performance Play
Ticket Price (Full Price) £4.00
Ticket Price (Concession) £2.50


Name Role
Tony Bond Hron
Bryan Butler Greebo
Bryan Butler Snr Basilica Manager
Matthew Deane Arno
Matthew Deane Mr Goatberger
Matthew Deane Sgt. Detritus
Matthew Deane Various Characters
Gail Jackson Mrs. Plinge
Michael Jackson Dr. Underschaft
Michael Jackson Enrico Basilica
Michael Jackson Henry Slugg
Sheila Jameson Kim
Sheila Jameson Various Characters
Michael Midgley Corporal Nobbs
Michael Midgley Mr. Pounder
Michael Midgley Various Characters
Colin Newsome Mr. Seldom Bucket
Colin Newsome Various Characters
Samantha Newsome Agnes (perdita) Nitt
Susan Newsome Nanny Ogg
Keith Rinder Mr. Salzella
Sean Robinson Walter Plinge
Beryl Stobbart Granny Weatherwax
Connie Temple Giselle
Hilary Temple Christine
Michael Walsh Andre
Anne Warrington Various Characters
Laura Wilkinson Colette
Micheal Wilkinson Death Of Rats
Micheal Wilkinson Various Characters


Name Role
David Battersby Lighting/effects
David Bigland Stage Assistant
Tim Bigland Stage Assistant
Marjorie Bond Front Of House
Fiona Brown Bookings
Richard Fletcher Prompter
Jane Gulliver Producer
Melanie Moody Lighting/effects
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
Sean Robinson Publicity
Kathryn Sully Stage Assistant
Andrew Thomson Publicity
Andrew Thomson Stage Manager
Tricia Thomson Stage Assistant