Whitkirk Arts Guild



Type of Performance Play
Ticket Price (Full Price) £3.50
Ticket Price (Concession) £2.00


Name Role
Tony Bond Cyrus
Tony Bond Duke Of Sto Helit
Bryan Butler High Priest
Bryan Butler Lezek
Joseph Casey Mort
Jane Clark Princess Keli
Andrew Gulliver Death (physical)
Jane Gulliver Barmaid
Jane Gulliver Bursar
Gail Jackson Doorknocker
Michael Jackson Cutwell
Sheila Jameson Agatean Prince
Sheila Jameson Goodie Hamstring
Joanne Johnson Assassin
Joanne Johnson Mc
Joanne Johnson Rincewind
Roger Morley Abbot Lobsang
Roger Morley Death (aural)
Colin Newsome Agatean Vizier
Colin Newsome King Olerve
Colin Newsome Town Crier
Samantha Newsome Ysabell
Susan Newsome Acolyte
Susan Newsome Keeble
Susan Newsome Partygoer
Susan Newsome Trader
Sean Robinson Albert
Beryl Stobbart Courtier
Beryl Stobbart Hrita
Beryl Stobbart Maid
Beryl Stobbart Wizard
Beryl Stobbart Woman In Street
Leanne Thackray A Wizard
Leanne Thackray Courtier
Leanne Thackray Guard
Leanne Thackray Partygoer
Leanne Thackray Walter
Laura Wilkinson Guard
Laura Wilkinson Partygoer


Name Role
David Battersby Lighting/effects
Marjorie Bond Front Of House
Fiona Brown Bookings
Graham Butcher Stage Assistant
Zoe Farlow Stage Assistant
Terry Foster Stage Assistant
Barry Hughes Stage Assistant
Michael Jackson Publicity
Michael Midgley Stage Assistant
Melanie Moody Stage Assistant
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
Robert Noble Stage Assistant
Hilary Temple Prompter
Andrew Thomson Publicity
Andrew Thomson Stage Manager
Tricia Thomson Costume/wardrobe
Tricia Thomson Publicity
Tricia Thomson Stage Assistant
Ann Walsh Costume/wardrobe
Michael Walsh Costume/wardrobe
Michael Walsh Producer
Michael Walsh Publicity