My Fair Lady

Monday 16 to Saturday 21 September 1991

Type of show Musical
Full Price £3.00
Concession £1.75

The cast

Name Role
Alan Tate Jamie
Andrew Brown Freddy Eynsford-hill
Beryl Stobbart Ladies Chorus
Cathie Watson Eliza Doolittle
Christopher Martin Prof. Henry Higgins
Colin Newsome Mens Chorus
David Hayes Mens Chorus
David Wood Col. Hugh Pickering
Diane Lister Ladies Chorus
Dorothy Brewster Mrs Pearce
Dorothy Tate Mrs Eynsford-hill
Gail Jackson Ladies Chorus
Helen Hayton Ladies Chorus
Hilary Temple Ladies Chorus
Jackie Dunderdale Ladies Chorus
Jan Tate Mens Chorus
Jane Clark Mrs Hopkins
Jane Wilkinson Ladies Chorus
Jez Serlin Zolton Karparthy
Kathryn Sully Ladies Chorus
Kevin McDonald Harry
Marcus Wilkinson Alfred P. Doolittle
Margaret Thomson Mrs Higgins
Marjorie Bond Ladies Chorus
Michael Jackson Mens Chorus
Michael Midgley Mens Chorus
Sarah Hall Ladies Chorus
Sarah Senior Ladies Chorus
Sheila Jameson Ladies Chorus
Susan Newsome Ladies Chorus
Terry Foster Mens Chorus
Tony Bond Mens Chorus

The crew

Name Role
Alec Thomson Stage Manager
Beryl Stobbart Choreographer
Chris Broadbent Stage Assistant
Colin Newsome Stage Assistant
David Battersby Lighting/effects
Eric Brewster Stage Assistant
Geoffrey Lidster Piano/orchestra
Jan Tate Musical Director
Joy Coulson Producer
Marcus Wilkinson Costume/wardrobe
Michael Jackson Lighting/effects
Michael Midgley Props
Stage Assistant
Terry Foster Lighting/effects