Whitkirk Arts Guild

Old Father Time

Type of Performance Pantomime


Name Role
Paul Banks Mens Chorus
Dorothy Brewster Sergeant Watchit
Peter Broughton Mens Chorus
Judith Carroll Ladies Chorus
Joy Coulson Ladies Chorus
Brian England Prime Minister
Hilary Fanthorpe Watchdog
Robeena Flynn Ladies Chorus
Charlie Hawkridge Bodger
Jennifer Hick Ladies Chorus
Joanne Hick Ladies Chorus
Ken Hoult Old Father Time
Gail Jackson Flying Sauceress
Gordon Kirk Mens Chorus
Gaynor Levitt Ladies Chorus
Kevin McDonald Dodger
Susan Newsome Ladies Chorus
Lindsey Powell Ladies Chorus
Catherine Searle Ladies Chorus
Alan Tate Mens Chorus
Dorothy Tate Ladies Chorus
Jan Tate Ladies Chorus
Suzanne Temple Dinosaur
Margaret Thomson Mrs Sparkle
Roy Thomson Guy Fawkes
Roy Thomson Mens Chorus
Graham Whitton Mens Chorus
Marjorie Whitton Ladies Chorus
Julia Wilcox Ladies Chorus


Name Role
David Bell Musical Director
Beryl Boag Producer
Peter Broughton Piano/orchestra
Douglas Cooling Stage Assistant
Joy Coulson Choreographer
Jane Cox Stage Assistant
Patricia Faul Stage Assistant
Roy Fletcher Stage Assistant
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Donald Jackson Producer
Michael Jackson Lighting/effects
Geoffrey Lidster Piano/orchestra
Philip Lister Piano/orchestra
Wendy Lister Props
Richard Mann Stage Director
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
Bernard Pennock Front Of House
Marjorie Powell Costume/wardrobe
Tony Steer Stage Assistant
Alec Thomson Stage Manager
Andrew Thomson Stage Assistant
Roger Till Piano/orchestra
Helen Wickham Prompter