Whitkirk Arts Guild

Old Father Time


Type of Performance Pantomime
Ticket Price (Full Price) £4.00
Ticket Price (Concession) £2.50


Name Role
Steven Barnes Chorus
Steven Barnes Yeoman Of The Guard
Naomi Cook Chorus
Amy Green Chorus
Jane Gulliver Dodger
Thomas Gulliver New Father Time
Helen Hayton Cave Woman
Helen Hayton Chorus
Gail Jackson Flying Sauceress
Matthew Jackson Chorus
Matthew Jackson New Watchdog
Andrew Naylor Bodger
Colin Newsome Caveman
Colin Newsome Chorus
Colin Newsome Conspirator
Colin Newsome German Tourist
Colin Newsome Lord Mayor
Colin Newsome Road Sweeper
Susan Newsome Japanese Tourist
Susan Newsome The Dinosaur
Kristian Pollard Chorus
Keith Rinder Old Father Time
Sean Robinson Sergeant Watchit
Adam Schofield Chorus
Adam Schofield German Tourist
Beryl Stobbart Mrs Sparkle
Connie Temple Chorus
Connie Temple Paper Girl
Hilary Temple American Tourist
Hilary Temple Cave Woman
Hilary Temple Chorus
Hilary Temple Conspirator
Hilary Temple Lady Mayoress
Hilary Temple Road Sweeper
Michael Walsh Guy Fawkes
Joanne Whitehouse Cave Woman
Joanne Whitehouse Prime Minister
Laura Wilkinson Watchdog


Name Role
David Battersby Lighting/effects
Janette Bell Stage Assistant
David Bigland Stage Assistant
Tim Bigland Stage Assistant
Marjorie Bond Front Of House
Andrew Brown Musical Director
Fiona Brown Bookings
Michael Jackson Lighting/effects
Nick Jackson Stage Assistant
Michael Midgley Stage Assistant
Melanie Moody Lighting/effects
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
Jenny Reynolds Piano/orchestra
Beryl Stobbart Choreographer
Andrew Thomson Publicity
Andrew Thomson Stage Manager
Tricia Thomson Publicity
Tricia Thomson Stage Assistant
Michael Walsh Producer