Whitkirk Arts Guild

Old Time Music Hall


Type of Performance Revue
Ticket Price (Full Price) £3.50
Ticket Price (Concession) £2.00


Name Role
Marjorie Bond Ladies Chorus
Tony Bond Mens Chorus
Andrew Brown Mens Chorus
Fiona Brown Ladies Chorus
Bryan Butler Mens Chorus
Jackie Dunderdale Ladies Chorus
Geoff Emsley Mens Chorus
Helen Hayton Ladies Chorus
Gail Jackson Ladies Chorus
Michael Jackson Master Of Ceremonies
Sheila Jameson Ladies Chorus
Roger Morley Mens Chorus
Samantha Newsome Ladies Chorus
Susan Newsome Ladies Chorus
Chris Pickles Mens Chorus
Sean Robinson Mens Chorus
Beryl Stobbart Mens Chorus
Kathryn Sully Ladies Chorus
Hilary Temple Ladies Chorus
Tricia Thomson Ladies Chorus
Michael Walsh Mens Chorus
Robeena White Ladies Chorus


Name Role
David Battersby Lighting/effects
Andrew Brown Producer
Fiona Brown Bookings
Andrew Gulliver Lighting/effects
Michael Midgley Stage Assistant
Melanie Moody Stage Assistant
Janette Morley Costume/wardrobe
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
Beryl Stobbart Producer
Andrew Thomson Publicity
Andrew Thomson Stage Manager
Tricia Thomson Costume/wardrobe
Tricia Thomson Publicity
Tricia Thomson Stage Assistant
Michael Walsh Costume/wardrobe
Michael Walsh Publicity