Whitkirk Arts Guild

Papertown Paperchase


Type of Performance Pantomime


Name Role
Dawn Aylesbury A Firefly
Dorothy Brewster Professor Paperback
Joy Coulson A Firefly
Joy Coulson A Paper Clip
Hilary Fanthorpe A Paper Clip
Hilary Fanthorpe Chief Firefly
Robeena Flynn Tishoo
Gail Jackson Litter Bug
Kevin McDonald Blotch
Michael Midgley The Salamander
Susan Newsome Papertown Cryer
Jane Robinson A Firefly
Jane Robinson The Paperweight
Jackie Russell A Firefly
David Stevens Carbon
Helen Stevens A Firefly
Beryl Stobbart Spike The Pen
Alan Tate Postman
Jan Tate A Firefly
Judith Thomson A Firefly
Judith Thomson A Paper Clip
Margaret Thomson Lady Carrier Bag
Roy Thomson Mr. Quid
Helen Wickham A Firefly
Helen Wickham Scissors
Julia Wilcox A Firefly
Julia Wilcox Scissors
Marcus Wilkinson Fireman Silver


Name Role
David Bell Musical Director
David Bell Piano/orchestra
Beryl Boag Producer
Peter Broughton Guitarist
Jane Cox Stage Assistant
Patricia Faul Stage Assistant
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Michael Jackson Lighting/effects
Richard Mann Stage Director
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
Tony Steer Stage Assistant
Dean Stobbart Drummer
Suzanne Temple Props
Alec Thomson Stage Manager
Andrew Thomson Stage Assistant