Whitkirk Arts Guild

Queen Elizabeth Slept Here


Type of Performance Play
Ticket Price (Full Price) £1.50
Ticket Price (Concession) £1.00


Name Role
Andrew Brown Mr. Kimber
Roy Hilditch Steve Hadlett
Gail Jackson Norah Fuller
Michael Jackson Colonel Prescott
Samantha Newsome Rachael
Susan Newsome Rita Leslie
David Stevens Clayton Shaw
Helen Stevens Madge Fuller
Alan Tate Uncle Stanley
Hilary Temple Katie
Hilary Temple Mrs. Douglas
Jane Wilkinson Hester
Marcus Wilkinson Michael Fuller


Name Role
Beryl Boag Producer
Dorothy Brewster Bookings
Dorothy Brewster Prompter
Eric Brewster Stage Assistant
Jane Cox Stage Manager
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Michael Jackson Lighting/effects
Michael Midgley Lighting/effects
Colin Newsome Stage Assistant
Ian Senior Stage Assistant
David Stevens Publicity
Alec Thomson Stage Director
Margaret Thomson Props