Whitkirk Arts Guild

Sinbad The Sailor


Type of Performance Pantomime


Name Role
Elizabeth Botterill Prince Hassan
Dorothy Brewster Queen Of Serendib
Andrew Brown Old Man Of The Sea
Aleshia Dawson Anestra
Andrew Dobson Mate Ali-whey
Helen Hayton Farida
Cathy Hollings Bosun
Gail Jackson Sinbad
Michael Midgley Helmsman
Michael Midgley Pirate Chief
Susan Newsome Queen Coral
Carole Smith Tala
David Stevens Mrs Sinbad
Helen Stevens Princess Yasmin
Beryl Stobbart Morgania
Beryl Stobbart The Leopard
Fiona Stobbart Native Girl
Kathryn Sully Kassim
Alan Tate Merlinia
Margaret Thomson Talida
Patrick Tirvengadum Slave Master
Patrick Tirvengadum Witch Doctor
Marcus Wilkinson Captain Ali-bye


Name Role
Beryl Boag Producer
Eric Brewster Stage Assistant
Jane Cox Stage Assistant
Terry Foster Bookings
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Christopher Holdsworth Stage Assistant
Michael Jackson Lighting/effects
Geoffrey Lidster Piano/orchestra
Kath Longster Choreographer
Richard Mann Stage Director
Mary Masey Choreographer
Alma Mowbray Costume/wardrobe
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
David Stevens Publicity
Beryl Stobbart Choreographer
Dean Stobbart Drummer
Cynthia Storr Costume/wardrobe
Cynthia Storr Prompter
Suzanne Temple Props
Alec Thomson Stage Manager
Andrew Thomson Stage Assistant
Margaret Thomson Choreographer
Tricia Thomson Stage Assistant