Whitkirk Arts Guild

The Owl And The Pussycat

Type of Performance Pantomime


Name Role
Keith Ashby Dong
Joy Coulson A Jumblie
Joy Coulson Mr Canary
Hilary Fanthorpe A Bird
Hilary Fanthorpe The Head Jumbly
Charlie Hawkridge Plum Pudding Flea
Gail Jackson The Pussycat
Michael Jackson Professor Bosh
Kevin McDonald Quangle Wangle
Sarah Newsome A Bird
Sarah Newsome Fish
Sarah Newsome Runcible Spoon
Pamela Pennock The Turkey
Beryl Stobbart Mrs Canary
Beryl Stobbart The Jumbly Girl
Fiona Stobbart A Bird
Fiona Stobbart Fish
Suzanne Temple The Pig
Judith Thomson A Bird
Judith Thomson A Jumblie
Hilary Waterhouse The Owl
Julia Wilcox A Bird
Julia Wilcox A Jumblie


Name Role
David Bell Musical Director
Beryl Boag Producer
Dorothy Brewster Prompter
Jane Cox Stage Assistant
Patricia Faul Stage Assistant
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Barbara Jackson Bookings
Donald Jackson Publicity
Wendy Lister Props
Richard Mann Stage Director
Susan Newsome Costume/wardrobe
Philip Pawson Piano/orchestra
Bernard Pennock Front Of House
Tony Steer Stage Assistant
Dean Stobbart Drummer
Alec Thomson Stage Manager
Andrew Thomson Stage Assistant
Margaret Thomson Prompter