Whitkirk Arts Guild

The Wizard Of Oz


Type of Performance Pantomime
Ticket Price (Full Price) £2.00
Ticket Price (Concession) £1.25


Name Role
Laura Batty Munchkin Child
Dorothy Brewster Lady Growlie
Chris Broadbent Munchkin Child
Andrew Brown Scarecrow / Farmhand
Fiona Dodds Munchkin Adult
Fiona Dodds Ozian Citizen
Fiona Dodds Spook
Susan Dodds Munchkin Adult
Susan Dodds Ozian Citizen
Susan Dodds Spook
Anna Fearnley Munchkin Child
Helen Hayton Gloria
Helen Hayton Jitterbug
Helen Hayton Munchkin Adult
Tony Hudson General
Tony Hudson Munchkin Adult
Tony Hudson Ozmas
Tony Hudson Tibia
Kevin McDonald Tin Man / Farmhand
Claire McKenna Munchkin Child
Kate McKenna Munchkin Child
Eve Myers Munchkin Child
Kate Myers Munchkin Child
Samantha Newsome Jitterbug
Samantha Newsome Munchkin Adult
Samantha Newsome Ozian Citizen
Sarah Newsome Jitterbug
Sarah Newsome Munchkin Mayor
Sarah Newsome Ozian Citizen
Sarah Newsome Spook
Susan Newsome First General
Susan Newsome Ozian Citizen
Carole Smith Munchkin Adult
Carole Smith Second Witch
Helen Stevens Dorothy
Beryl Stobbart First Witch
Fiona Stobbart Jitterbug
Fiona Stobbart Munchkin Adult
Fiona Stobbart Ozian Citizen
Fiona Stobbart Private
Fiona Stobbart Spook
Kathryn Sully A Lady Of Oz
Kathryn Sully Munchkin Adult
Kathryn Sully Ozian Citizen
Alan Tate Lion / Farmhand
Hilary Temple Wicked Witch Of West
Steven Thompson General
Steven Thompson Munchkin Farmer
Steven Thompson Ozian Citizen
Emma Tirvengadum Munchkin Child
Patrick Tirvengadum Munchkin Adult
Patrick Tirvengadum The Wizard Of Oz
Simon Tirvengadum Munchkin Child
Simon Tirvengadum Ozian Citizen
Cathie Watson Sorceress Of North
Jane Wilkinson Ozian Citizen
Marcus Wilkinson General
Marcus Wilkinson Uncle Henry


Name Role
Dorothy Brewster Bookings
Eric Brewster Stage Assistant
Harry Burton Musical Director
Harry Burton Piano/orchestra
Joy Coulson Make-up
Jane Cox Stage Manager
Terry Foster Lighting/effects
Michael Jackson Lighting/effects
Michael Midgley Lighting/effects
Alma Mowbray Costume/wardrobe
Colin Newsome Stage Assistant
Ian Senior Stage Assistant
David Stevens Producer
David Stevens Publicity
Beryl Stobbart Choreographer
Dean Stobbart Drummer
Cynthia Storr Costume/wardrobe
Suzanne Temple Props
Alec Thomson Stage Director
Margaret Thomson Prompter
Tricia Thomson Make-up
Marcus Wilkinson Lighting/effects