Whitkirk Arts Guild

List of People

Name First Show Latest Show
Jill Backhouse Calamity Jane (1975)
Rebecca-Ann Backhouse Aladdin (1985) The Boy Friend (1986)
Susan Backhouse The Babes In The Wood (1960) You've Never Had It So Good (1961)
Teri Backhouse Aladdin (1968) The Gondoliers (1977)
Anne Baker The Sleeping Beauty (1958) The Babes In The Wood (1960)
Trevor Baldwin Mother Goose (1963) Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1965)
Paul Banks Calamity Jane (1975) Night Must Fall (1981)
Mark Barber Humorous Bites & Musical Delights (1995) Musical Moments (1996)
Peter Barber Cinderella (1956) The Sleeping Beauty (1958)
Margaret Barker Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (2011) Scrooge (2012)
Steven Barnes Jesus Christ Superstar (2000) Dick Whittington (2008)
Betty Barnett Sinbad The Sailor (1961) May Time (1962)
Edwin Barraclough Spring And Port Wine (Abandoned) (1971)
B. Barrett Free As Air (1969)
Shelagh Bartley Search By Night (1983)
Kathryn Batchelor Aladdin (1968) The Wizard Of Oz (1972)
Stanley Bateman Book Of The Month (1958) The Good Old Days (1964)
David Battersby Puss In Boots (1990) Cinderella (2015)
Sam Battersby Carousel (1980) Jesus Christ Superstar (2014)
Judith Batty Murder At The Vicarage (1953)
Laura Batty A Christmas Celebration (1988) The Wizard Of Oz (1989)
Ralph Batty The Camel's Back (1952) Humpty Dumpty (1954)
Lisa Beardsall South Pacific (1976)
Pat Beardsall Calamity Jane (1975) Waltz Without End (1981)
David Bell You Can't Take It With You (1979) The Other Fellows Oats (1985)
Janette Bell Jesus Christ Superstar (2000) Jesus Christ Superstar (2014)
Kathryn Bell Red Riding Hood (1997)
Laurence Bell The Hollow (1960)
Cyril Benn Aladdin (1968)
Kate Bentley Encore! An evening with Whitkirk Arts Guild (2018)