Whitkirk Arts Guild

List of People

Name First Show Latest Show
Ann Burrow Aladdin (1994) Oliver! (2003)
Gail Burrow The Wizard Of Oz (1979) It's My Life (2017)
David Burton Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1965) Aladdin (1968)
Harry Burton Crotchets And Quavers (1985) The Wizard Of Oz (1989)
Margaret Burton Old Time Music Hall (1964) Oklahoma (1982)
Norman Burton Dick Whittington (1964) Justice Is A Woman (1979)
Ron Burton Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (1965)
Tony Burton Celebration (2003)
Terry Bush South Pacific (1976)
Graham Butcher Wyrd Sisters (1996) Cinderella (1998)
Bryan Butler Calamity Jane (1994) Cinderella (2006)
Rob Butler Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (2011)
Robert Butler Calendar Girls (2012) Jack and the Beanstalk (2014)
David Butterworth The Wizard Of Oz (1972)
Josephine Byrne You've Heard It All Before (1963) Dick Whittington (1964)
Gwen Calvert Crotchets And Quavers (1985) Pride And Prejudice (1988)
Jean Campbell You've Never Had It So Good (1961)
Marjorie Cannon The Gondoliers (1977)
Nancy Capewell Goody Two Shoes (1953) Mother Goose (1963)
Josse Caphey House Guest (1997)
David Capstick Puss In Boots (1990)
Sue Carr Back To The Future (2009)
Angela Carroll Toad Of Toad Hall (1972) The Wizard Of Oz (1972)
Ann Carroll Godspell (1999)
Judith Carroll Toad Of Toad Hall (1972) Robin Hood And Babes In The Wood (1985)
Penelope Carroll Sister Act (2016) It's My Life (2017)
Dennis Carter Dick Whittington (1964)
Joseph Casey Sleeping Beauty (1996) Cinderella (1998)
Joseph (Josse) Casey (Caphey) House Guest (1997)
Chris Chadwick The Sound Of Music (2002)