Here is a complete list of every show performed by Whitkirk Arts Guild since the beginning. Click a show's name for more information, including show dates, poster, a list of cast and crew, photographs, videos, reviews and more.

Name Dates Poster
Red Riding Hood Wednesday 7 to Saturday 10 December 2011 Poster for Red Riding Hood
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Wednesday 6 to Saturday 9 July 2011 Poster for Joseph And The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
Sleeping Beauty Wednesday 8 to Saturday 11 December 2010 Poster for Sleeping Beauty
Little Shop Of Horrors Tuesday 7 to Saturday 11 September 2010 Poster for Little Shop Of Horrors
Beauty And The Beast Tuesday 8 to Saturday 12 December 2009 Poster for Beauty And The Beast
Back To The Future Thursday 9 to Saturday 11 July 2009 Poster for Back To The Future
Dick Whittington Tuesday 2 to Monday 8 December 2008 Poster for Dick Whittington
Trivial Pursuit (Cancelled) Thursday 10 to Saturday 12 July 2008 Poster for Trivial Pursuit
A Twist Of Fete Sunday 6 July 2008
Aladdin Tuesday 4 to Saturday 8 December 2007 Poster for Aladdin
Thank You For The Music Thursday 12 to Saturday 14 July 2007 Poster for Thank You For The Music
Cinderella Tuesday 5 to Saturday 9 December 2006 Poster for Cinderella
Once More With Feeling Thursday 6 to Saturday 8 July 2006 Poster for Once More With Feeling
Robin Hood And Babes In The Wood Tuesday 6 to Saturday 10 December 2005 Poster for Robin Hood And Babes In The Wood
High Society Tuesday 12 to Saturday 16 July 2005 Poster for High Society
Mother Goose Monday 6 to Saturday 11 December 2004 Poster for Mother Goose
Busybody Friday 24 to Saturday 25 September 2004 Poster for Busybody
Oklahoma! Monday 12 to Saturday 17 July 2004 Poster for Oklahoma!
Humpty Dumpty Monday 1 to Saturday 6 December 2003 Poster for Humpty Dumpty
Celebration Friday 24 to Saturday 25 October 2003 Poster for Celebration
Oliver! Monday 7 to Saturday 12 July 2003 Poster for Oliver!
Hickory Dickory Dock Monday 2 to Saturday 7 December 2002 Poster for Hickory Dickory Dock
The Sound Of Music Monday 8 to Saturday 13 July 2002 Poster for The Sound Of Music
Old Father Time Monday 3 to Saturday 8 December 2001 Poster for Old Father Time
Breezeblock Park Thursday 13 to Saturday 15 September 2001 Poster for Breezeblock Park